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I'm Oginga Carr, thank you for watching my video.  Because I am a contract trainer, I get it.  We are a different breed.  We travel the country helping people teaching subjects that we love.  I love being in front of the room, connecting with the clients, and the light in someone's eyes when they learn something new or get a different take on a concept.  I also know what it feels like to feel awkward about selling these clients continued products or training for them to take advantage of after class.  I didn't want to feel like the "slimy" salesman. 

But, I've come to realize if we don't help the clients invest in tools and training we are really doing a disservice to THEM.  There is no way that they can retain all of the knowledge that we impart during our class, it is up to us to recommend tools or training that will help them take the next step in their learning cycle and be a part of continuing education.

It is also vital that we help the clients invest because it helps us enrich our business as well too..  I know what it is to work hard all day training and not have any sales to show for it.  This causes our seminar company to limit our schedule and can have a terrible effect on our own personal economy.

It took years of testing, coaching, and training with thousands of clients, but now we have come up with a SIMPLE STEP BY STEP solution that you can use in ANY subject matter and increase your success.

This system has allowed me to become one of the most highly compensated and highly reviewed trainers in the contract training business.  I am going to share my step by step model with you here for an amazing discount. Why? Because I know what it feels like to train for the love of it.  It is just infinitely better to love what you do AND be able to live your dreams as well.  Invest in this system for the introductory offer and I wish you the best success.
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What is Nuts & Bolts?
Interactive video module with simple, step by step instructions to improve your sales in the seminar business
The 3 C's of Sales Success
Learn how Clarity, Content, and Consistency are the keys to successful sales
Foundational Phrases
Learn to create "catch phrases" that tie in with your product offerings and increase sales
Setting Up Your Sales Day
Learn how to kick start the sales process before and during your seminar
Pack Creation
Learn how to create packs that entice your clients and how to build your seminar around them
Membership Program Sales
Learn step by step how to position membership programs where they are irresistible to the clients
Price Juxtaposition
Learn the power of price juxtaposition and how to leverage it to sell larger packages in class
Product Sales
Learn how to weave your products and training offers throughout the day
Teach Less, Sell More
Learn how to structure your day so that sales is always a part of it
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